12 Simple steps to create your Google plus profile

Google Plus was launched in June 2011 and already has over 170 million users.

Like other Social Networks, it is important to fill your Google plus profile to its maximum. Especially with Google Plus, you can easily find yourself on the first Google search page.

With Google +, you can have a personal account and also a Google + page for your business, like Facebook as business page also (Fan page). Both are easy to create. You have first to create your basic Google + account.

Here are single steps:

If you don’t have any Google plus account yet: (If you already have, gone to step 6)

1- Create yourself a Gmail account if you do not have one yet.

2- Then, at your top left in your Gmail account, you will see You +. Click on it and you will be able to start completing your Google + account. You will be able to upload your picture and confirm your name also.

3- Pass the second step which is showing to invite your friends. Why? Because it is important to fill completely your information before this step.

4- Click continue until it brings you to the step to fill your information.

5- Once your profile is filled in, click finish.

If you already have a Google + account and do not know what to do with it:

6- Click on the blue button on the left of your picture, the edit profile button. Fill every part of it.  It is time to present yourself.  Also, make sure to put all your links.

7-  Upload you profile picture

8-  Upload your cover image where the size is 940 x 180 pixels. When you have many Social Networks accounts, it is always good to keep the same branding image everywhere.

9- Once number  6 to 8 done, click on done editing

10-  Then go on the left side and click on photos if you already have photos to upload and also on events if you have any events to announce.

11- Before inviting people, click on your left, on Circles. Circles are like folders where you will classify people. Examples of Circles names:  family, networking, friends, etc  After you have created your circles, you will see the button Find people and be able to invite friend to follow you on Google plus.

12-  Create yourself a specific Google + url by going to : http://gplus.to   Remember that you will be able to create one for your personal Google + and also one for your Google + page

Having a Google + page is very good and also to separate business from personal life. The good thing about pages, is that you can schedule posts in advance by doing it with hootsuite

Social Networks are growing more than ever and they are not that difficult to learn about. Like everything else, it is just a matter of learning the basic at first and continues to create great relationship.

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  1. Great checklist! I will have to share with my readers, fans, and followers, as I know so many people who could benefit from this! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great content, I just started a website on social media (as you know); this is a great checklist. I love check-lists and I also like to share it on my blog in the weeks to come

  3. What great step-by-step directions for effectively setting up a Google+ presence! Its amazing to me how much this has grown in just a little more than one year! And even more interesting to me is the fact that some folks only know me from my G+ account. Who knew?!