8 tips to regain self-confidence

100% self-confidence is possible. In fact, we are all born with it and through our first years of life, because of our surroundings’ fears, we have lost it, and for some it’s more than others.

Here are 8 tips to guide you regain self-confidence:

1. Take a great posture

People with a lack of self-esteem and self-confidence tend to walk with their eyes, head and shoulders down. Automatically, this kind of posture diminishes the person’s energy, unconsciously lowers the self-esteem, and moreover, other people feel it.

The tip is to walk confidently, body and shoulders straight, heads up. You will see how this simple posture will make a « shift » in your energy.

2. Create a simple plan and follow it one step at a time

First, determine simple steps that you would like to achieve in order to regain 100% confidence in you. Do not start with big goals. At first, start with small ones and move forward one step at a time. This way, everything will be much easier to achieve. There are no bad actions, there are only actions that will make you grow. Above all, never stop following your plan. Continue to the end, you are fully able to.

3. Go beyond your fear

Fear is often unreal and unfounded. The mind is very strong and ready to do anything to prevent us from achieving what we want. The acronym of FEAR is: False Evidence Appears Real.

The more our fears and the ones of others rule our life, the more difficult it becomes to have self-confidence. Look at the young children. They are not scared of anything until WE, as adults, pass them our fears. So true, isn’t it?!

I invite you to start by surpassing one small fear and gradually surpass bigger ones. It is by going beyond fears that you will be able to transform more easily things. Of course there are also techniques that exist to surpass them.

4. Go, get started! Go out in new places.

Avoid always returning to the same places and thus staying in your comfortable zone. Find new places which connect with your passions and meet new people.

5. Starts a new conversation.

I understand it is not always easy. At that moment, by already having a straight posture and offering a smile, can start a conversation. Just saying hello with a smile is enough.

6. Stay yourself

You are a unique and original person. You can only be yourself all the time. Everything is always perfect as it should be. Never think someone is better than you. Everyone does the right things in life to the best of their abilities and knowledge.

7. Accept compliments

When someone receives a compliment, often he will say thank you by adding a reply like, « Thank you. This is nothing. It was on discount.” Learn to accept compliments you receive by simply saying thank you without adding anything else. Start right now, just say THANK YOU.

8. Repeat and continue

That’s progress! I once heard someone say, « Repeat a thousand times the same thing instead of doing a thousand different things just once!”. Stay with your plan and redo it. Yes, there will be times when you will think that what you have tried to do has failed. In fact, it will not be a failure, it will be a learning. Learning is there to constantly improve the best version of ourself.


You deserve to have 100% confidence in yourself. I invite you to apply the steps, one at a time. You are fully capable of it and I believe in you.

Ovation to you, for who YOU ARE,


ps: These days, many people would like to regain 100% self-confidence. Thank you for helping others by sharing this article.

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